Ledig Erf Utrecht

April 28th, 2006

Royal Flush, with Sneakerfreak and SallySkunk. Glenister starts at 21:30. With Helge fillin’ in for Jelte.

Subroutine Records

April 20th, 2006

The new Groningen-based label Subroutine Records will release a sampler called ‘Little Next Big Things’. Glenister is very pleased to donate the track Pronounce Your Name to this record. Other bands on the sampler are We vs. Death, Vladimir, Sukilove and Meindert Talma. Release is scheduled for May.


April 13th, 2006

From the website of the Dutch Popinstituut you can download a remastered version of our hit-song Be Someone. The song has been chosen to be on DEMOntage Download #4, a compilation of songs from promising young bands. Burn your own copy and print the cover for free!


April 12th, 2006

We’ve lost. Not only the finals of the Winstonpopprijs, but also a briefcase with guitareffects and cables (total value: €500). So if you happen to meet a taxi-driver offering you a Big Muff and a Tube Screamer or if you happen to be that taxi-driver, please let us know… Besides all that, we’ve had a great night!!

Melkweg Amsterdam

April 8th, 2006

Finals Winstonpopprijs, with Helge fillin’ in for Jelte.


April 2nd, 2006

Another very nice review has appeared. It’s in FRET magazine, read it in our press section. Besides that, we’re gonna take part in the 2nd Utrecht Speelt Uit-tour. Fifteen Utrecht-based bands will play a couple of shows all through the country. To name a few: Silence is Sexy, Brown Feather Sparrow and Pien Feith. Gunmagazine is in charge of the production.


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